Mary’s Helpful Gadgets

Mary’s Helpful Gadgets

Listed here are items that help me maintain my lifestyle.  The must have items are indicated with ***.

  • Portable house phone with jack for headphone attachment
  • Headphones (to plug into portable phone)
  • Hydration bladder (2Lt) used by hikers/bikers available from camping shops ***
  • Stable table with a cup holder pk. 2
  • Aquium hand washing gel ***
  • Finger grip for turning pages – available at newsagent ***
  • Shower organizer, which has pockets to hang shampoo etc.
  • Insulated covered mug with large handle, therefore less spillage ***
  • Massage brush for shampooing hair
  • Reacher
  • Squishy foot & neck massagers
  • Facial wipes, Anti-bacterial wipes as well as Mr Sheen wipes & disposable gloves ***
  • Large pill containers to organise 1 week of tablets – one each for day and night
  • Sheepskin ugg boots with Velcro openings
  • Small timer
  • Caddy for all controls such as TV, DVD, and Air Con etc.
  • Black bum bag that clips around waist ***
  • Osboforme chair back support
  • Sheepskin for chair seat & foot plate covers
  • Pump tooth paste
  • Electric or rechargeable battery operated toothbrush ***
  • Pump pack shower gel & shampoo 1.5lt ***
  • Purse with lots of easy access compartments for cards such as Medicare etc..
  • Bedside table on wheels ***
  • Freestanding triangle bed pole ***
  • Air ripple mattress overlay ***
  • Electric wheelchair [PAPD]
  • Electric hospital bed (PAPD) Check if ordered all together there may be only one payment of $100.00
  • Small ELF hoist (PAPD]
  • Gel seat for wheelchair (PAPD)
  • Sugar cube – less spillage
  • Large urn – easy to pour out water
  • Mobile phone to use for reminders when unable to write. ***
  • Spray bottle of Betadine – no need to touch wounds ***
  • “No Touch” Thermometer
  • Card shop in a box – saves having to go & buy cards all the time
  • Flushable wipes -for toileting ***

And a couple of tips for healthier living:

  • Exercise arms/legs with program given by physio’s – selected 10 to do EVERYDAY!
  • With the help of my Carer I do legs /arms with small hand weights. VERY PASSIVE EXERCISES
  • D-Gas peppermint tab at night to help with wind & bloating.
  • And most importantly – 3 litres of water EVERYDAY

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