Welcome to Create A Sense of P...

Welcome to Create A Sense of Place

Hello and welcome to CREATE A SENSE OF PLACE and our first newsletter.  Our aim is to continually evolve, enabling us to improve and broaden our scope to ensure people living with a disability, along with their families and carers, have access to the services for adult with disabilities they deserve and are entitled to.

Create A Sense Of Place provides excellent services for adults with disabilities under NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme).

CREATE A SENSE OF PLACE has been in the making for a number of years.  Brigette’s passion to work with people with disabilities was ignited 15 years ago. When travelling Europe, she was working in a bar/restaurant in London and saw a man sitting in the gutter – against all regulations she took a plate of food out to him, sat with him, they talked and they cried together.

On returning to Sydney her education and training began – at times tough but always rewarding.  Brigette has worked for community and not for profit organisations for a number of years, but always had the thought that she would like to have her own business which would be totally focused on improving peoples’ sense of self and wellbeing.

Contact us for disability assistance and disability grants.

You can also help people with disabilities by disability funding for them.

Keep smiling!!

Next newsletter —- how did the name CREATE A SENSE OF PLACE come about.

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