Find the Diamond in the Rough

If you are feeling pressured by another provider to move your Support Coordination to them, they are not an ethical provider. Sadly, this is very common. Providers that provide every service and want to monopolise and really need to stop trying to poach people and offer to do all their services. For many people, the benefits of having an independent Support Coordinator who does an awesome job greatly outweighs the service they are offering.

Pandemic Support Tips

Participants are feeling this isolation heavily. I have had some weeks. It is becoming difficult for any of us practice the healthy strategies that we have developed over our lives to help us manage our mental health. For many people, these practices are no longer possible. This period of time calls for Support people to think outside the box with supporting their participants.

Telehealth and its importance

The importance of Telehealth has been highlighted over the last few weeks. It was a bit hard to figure out how it would all work when our practice of supporting people has been face to face, this current circumstance has proven that we need to be creative…