Julie Hjort – Support Coordinator

Julie is a Coordinator who has significant lived experience with disability and leads with empathy.

Jessica McEachern – Specialist Support Coordinator

Jess has extensive experience with Psychosocial Disability and navigating the NDIS, Health services, Education services, Justice services and other mainstream/funded supports to support the participant in moving towards their goal.

Kim Terry – Support Coordinator

Kim would love to help you navigate your NDIS Plan and help you find the right supports to match your needs.

Laura Dando – Psychologist and Positive Behaviours Support Practitioner

Laura is a Psychologist and Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner with 15 years experience supporting people with physical, intellectual and psychosocial disabilities, their families, friends and support networks.

Joseph Anderson – Social Educator

Joseph enjoys breaking things down, to ensure information is communicated in a relatable way and to really help participants fully understand an idea or skill so it can be transferred to other areas of life.

Ivy-Rose Laidler – Social Educator

Ivy-Rose is particularly passionate about ensuring people have the skill set to thrive in life and increasingly move towards independence.

Yana Kaneva – Social Educator

Yana enjoys working with all kinds of people and is excited to have the opportunity to assist them in developing important everyday skills and gaining independence.

Kirsten Jensen – Play Therapy and Counselling

With over 15 years experience working in Montessori education and with young
people, she is passionate about the importance of taking the time to form secure,
positive therapeutic relationships with individuals in order for them to feel heard and

Cody Brisley – Counsellor

Cody has always had a drive for supporting young people in finding their passion and pursuing their purpose.

Emma Yeark – Behaviour Support Practitioner & Counsellor

Emma loves being able to assist people to access the right supports to enable their dreams to become reality.