Play Therapy for Children and Adults

Our Approach to Therapy

Create A Sense of Place uses a variety of different approaches in their therapeutic work, and our Team Members are recruited based on their values, ethics and character qualities which in turn ensure that their approach fits ours.
In all our service provision, we ensure that we are not putting in strategies that actually further silence a person, who may already be silenced. We use strategies that support someone to communicate, as without language, one cannot express their needs.

Our Approaches include:

  • Trauma Informed Approach

CASoP has implemented trauma-informed care in service delivery and practice. We acknowledge that the way we do things may be an inadvertent trigger for exacerbating trauma symptoms. This is why we use a trauma-informed approach.

At the broadest level, trauma-informed care provides a framework for practitioners in service delivery. The principles and knowledge of trauma and how that can impact on people’s lives and their service needs.

  • Human Rights Approach

We understand that to see a change, a person needs to feel safe and be able to communicate their needs. When there are barriers to being able to communicate your wants, your needs, your choices, and being able to say ‘no’, this can lead to many overwhelming feelings such as anger, frustration, anxiety and stress. 

We are determined to listen, understand and ensure the strategies we put in place are responsive to what a person is telling us.

  • Person Centred Approach

The Person Centred approach is a philosophy that puts the person at the centre of their decisions in partnership with the important people in that person’s life.
This approach is about listening to the person, their wants, needs and goals, and working with them to achieve those.  

  • Strength Based Approach

The strengths based approach is a philosophy for working with people to bring about change using positive attitudes about people’s dignity, capacities, rights, uniqueness and commonalities (Mc Cashen 2010).

Play Therapy for Children

Play Therapy is a method of therapy that helps children to communicate their inner experiences through the use of toys in a safe and therapeutic environment. This type of therapy helps children explore and make sense of their emotions. And sort out issues and concerns through their play, in a way most suited to them.

All Create A Sense of Team Members have been adequately screened to ensure they are safe to work with Children. Create A Sense of Place has strict Code of Conducts and Child Safe Policies that ALL Team Members must adhere to.

A Sense of Self Therapy – Play Therapy for Adults (™)

This Therapy has been Created by Create A Sense of Place. This Therapy focuses on providing a therapeutic support to adults living with disability in an environment that supports a person to express their individual creativity. 

We know in our experience that working with people with intellectual disabilities, that often they are silenced, often they are experience grief and loss but do not currently have the understanding to identify this. Often behaviour support plans are put in place that try to change a perceived challenging behaviour without getting to the root of the behaviour. Perhaps someone is feeling extreme grief and is unable to express this verbally.

Our approach goes back to basics and looks at the foundations making up a person’s life with the aim to identify any areas they may need support in. By creating a fun yet safe and warm environment, our hope is to allow someone to feel safe to express themselves.

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