About Us

What's in a Name?

A Sense of Place has many definitions. We define it as a unique collection of a person’s abilities and characteristics that together help them feel a sense of place within themselves and their world.
It is feeling a sense of having a place to belong; emotionally, spiritually and physically. This connection to place is vital to our sense of identity and our feeling a sense of purpose.

This name resonates deeply with us. How does one feel a sense of place when their life decisions are out of their hands? We want to work with people to help them take control of their lives. We want to show people the choices they have and what is possible.We believe in strong community connections and we are committed to outcomes and delivering on our word.

With the country transitioning to the National Disability Insurance Scheme, the opportunity for innovating service provision is alive.

We have taken this opportunity to start something new, something to make a difference in the lives of people living with a disability.

Our vision is for everybody to recognise their ability to create their own life. At Create A Sense of Place, we want everyone to live their life with purpose, to create their sense of place.
We will push the boundaries and set the benchmark, to challenge ourselves and the sector to empower people living with a disability to live the life they choose.

Our Team

Brigette Kirkpatrick – Support Coordinator, Behaviour Support Practitioner & Counsellor

I fell into working with people with disabilities through volunteering in 2006 and I have never looked back.

Carrie Gibbs – Support Coordination, Specialist Support Coordinator, Counselling & Positive Behaviour Support

Carrie believes having the right supports in place makes a big difference in a persons life.

Emily Bielefeld – Team Support, Support Coordinator & NDIS Access

Emily loves helping people navigate these complicated systems and finding the right support to help them reach their goals.

Belinda Sawden – Support Coordinator – QLD & HR Support

Belinda loves helping you make sense of your NDIS plan and helping you lower the stress through a greater sense of clarity and control.

Sally Hollier – Support Coordinator – Sunshine Coast, QLD

Sally enjoys assisting people living with a disability to access the right supports, and empowers them to live the life they choose.

Charmaine Dickson – Support Coordinator

Charmaine believes in the importance of participants being able to achieve their goals while feeling safe and respected and having the ability to make their own choices.

Emma Yeark – Behaviour Support Practitioner & Counsellor

Emma ensures that she takes the time and effort to understand situations to their full extent.
She is committed to providing the best possible practice to ensure that the quality of life for my participants is improved. She is honest and practical in my approach.

Cody Brisley – Counsellor

Cody has always had a drive for supporting young people in finding their passion and pursuing their purpose.

Kirsten Jensen – Play Therapy, Counselling & Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner

With over 15 years experience working in Montessori education and with young
people, she is passionate about the importance of taking the time to form secure,
positive therapeutic relationships with individuals in order for them to feel heard and

Yana Kaneva – Social Educator

Yana enjoys working with all kinds of people and is excited to have the opportunity to assist them in developing important everyday skills and gaining independence.

Ivy-Rose Laidler – Social Educator

Ivy-Rose is particularly passionate about ensuring people have the skill set to thrive in life and increasingly move towards independence.

Joseph Anderson – Social Educator

Joseph enjoys breaking things down, to ensure information is communicated in a relatable way and to really help participants fully understand an idea or skill so it can be transferred to other areas of life.

Laura Dando – Psychologist and Positive Behaviours Support Practitioner

Laura is a Psychologist and Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner with 15 years experience supporting people with physical, intellectual and psychosocial disabilities, their families, friends and support networks.

Kim Terry – Support Coordinator

Kim would love to help you navigate your NDIS Plan and help you find the right supports to match your needs.

Jessica McEachern – Specialist Support Coordinator, Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner

Jess has extensive experience with Psychosocial Disability and navigating the NDIS, Health services, Education services, Justice services and other mainstream/funded supports to support the participant in moving towards their goal.

Kim Vaisey – Support Coordinator

If you want someone with empathy, creativity, determination, passion for excellence in communication and care in supported accomodation, dementia or ageing care, Kim is your ideal Support Coordinator. 

Wendy Allan- Social Educator

If you want someone who truly cares about everyone she’s working with (including family and other supports). And someone who values choice and control at the centre of the process while looking for opportunities to draw out strengths, Wendy is your ideal Social Educator.

Paul Auriac – Positive Behaviours Support Practitioner

Paul is a Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner with 5 years experience. He has extensive experience working with youth and is someone who is open and honest approach to meeting Participant’s needs.

Jodie Green

As a COS I look for providers who have the same WHY as my participants and CASOP has exactly that.
Fast referral turn arounds, skilled staff ready to adapt to anything and always a friendly face when we meet.
Highly recommend this service all my participants are so happy with their supports.

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Bass Santarelli

I have been the co carer of a developmentally delayed adult, who is also my cousin, for the last 20 years. It has been very hard work; and at times, both physically exhausting and emotionally draining. About 5 years ago I had the pleasure of being introduced to Brigette Kirkpatrick , founder of Create a Sense of Place.

I engaged her services immediately as Coordinator of Supports. Wow what an incredible person! Brigette is warm and polite, and treats my cousin as an equal. Brigette is skilled in many areas. For me personally it was her vast knowledge of all facets of the NDIS that has helped me navigate through this gigantic organisation with fantastic results for my cousin.

Through her expertise, knowledge and contacts, a large support network is now in place to help my cousin enjoy as normal a life as possible.

Brigette, Thankyou for all your hard work.

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Professional, efficient, kind, caring, really listen, highly knowledgeable and actually make a positive difference to people’s lives!

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With Brigette and her company on our side we feel blessed. My brother has complex needs and she has helped us so much to get the right funding in place. More than this is that Brigette goes beyond her call of duty and extends so much compassion and finds amazing solutions to tough puzzles. So much gratitude.

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Before I was introduced to Brigette, I was struggling and didn’t know where to turn. Brigette organised various support services to meet my needs and I now have a better quality of life. A very professional service from a lady whose passion is for helping others. Looking forward to your continued support. Many Thanks. Graham.

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Lake Macquarie

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Brigette from Create a Sense of Place to be your coordinator of services for your NDIS plan.
She has been wonderful with all the help she has given my son so far. Brigette has helped us from the very start with preplanning paperwork, meetings to organising professional services that my son is now using.
Her vast experience in the industry shows with all the extra things that many others may not have suggested or been able to have implemented.
Brigette’s attention to fine detail from paperwork to portal knowledge is awesome. I can confidently say this is one lady who gives 110% when it comes to her clients & their families/careers

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