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At Create A Sense of Place, we pride ourselves with offering independent coordination of supports, to ensure you get the best services available to you.

Our team of Coordinators are highly experienced and knowledgeable, and most importantly, we act with integrity. You can be assured that we will work with you, and for you, and we claim ONLY for the services we provide, we do not just use up all your support coordination budget because it is there.

Work with us, and discover why we are different.

What is Independent Coordination of Supports?

Independent Coordination of Supports means that we do not provide any other services in your NDIS plan other than Coordination of Supports (unless asked). Whilst we understand that for some people, having all of their supports with one provider can work, we want to ensure that you are exercising true choice and control over your supports.

The services that we refer you to are chosen based on their suitability to you and your needs, not for the needs of an organisation.
We believe in synergy. To ensure you are able to create your own sense of place, we connect you to people and providers throughout the community that are right for you.
You can read our blog here about why having an Independent Support Coordinator is so important.

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Coordination of Supports

We focus on providing quality Coordination of Supports for people who are a part of the NDIS.  Our aim is to link you with the most suitable services by getting to know you, finding out what is important to you, and how you like to be supported.

We help you navigate the complexities of NDIS, and ensure you get the service you deserve and are entitled to. We work with you to help get the most out of your plan.

NDIS Category: Assist Life-Stage Transition/Coordination of Supports

Specialist Support Coordination

We have a dedicated and experienced Team who provide Specialist Coordination of Supports.

Specialist Coordination differs from normal coordination as it must only be provided from people with extensive experience in complex environments who hold relevant qualifications at a University level.

Specialist Support Coordination operates within a specialist framework where high level risks are present in the participant’s situation. This can be a specific crisis and does not always necessitate to be ongoing. The specialist role is time limited and focuses on reducing risks and developing solutions to complex situations. The role of the specialist exists in complex service environments where a large multi-disciplinary team of supports are involved and requires skills in developing intervention plans, skills programmes, develop and deliver staff training, building participant capacity and resilience and high level communication skills.

Complex situations for participants often involve multiple chronic conditions, risk of entering the criminal justice system, high risk of placement or service breakdown, homelessness and significant periods of transition such as leaving school, family /carer breakdown or ageing.

NDIS Category: Coordination of Supports

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