Men's Health

Men's Health and Wellbeing

We understand that Men’s Health and Wellbeing is important and have heard from many men that they feel surrounded by women all the time.  We listened to this feedback and so, have created a dedicated Men’s Health and Wellbeing arm of the organisation that is delivered by men and for men.

We are currently able to offer Counselling and Skill Development and are looking forward to growing our service offering in this area.

Our team of Therapists and Social Educators have interests in the fields of Mental Health, Community Services, Disability Services, Individual Support, Allied Health and Social Work.

We understand that at times meeting can be difficult, so we are pleased to offer some creative solutions and deliver these amazing support using programs such as FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype and more!

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Capacity Building Line Items

Check out the Capacity Building line items that we can access to deliver this amazing support!

Improved Daily Living

  • 15_035_0106_1_3 – Assistance With Decision Making, Daily Planning and Budgeting
  • 15_037_0117_1_3 – Individual Skill Development And Training, Including Public Transport Training
  • 15_038_0117_1_3 – Training For Carers/Parents – Training for carers in matters related to caring for a person with disability.


Increased Social and Community Participation

  • 09_006_0106_6_3 – Life Transition Planning Incl. Mentoring, Peer-Support And Indiv Skill Develop – Establishing volunteer assistance within the participant’s home or community to develop skills. For instance, assistance in attending appointments, shopping, bill paying, taking part in social activities and maintaining contact with others.
  • 09_009_0117_6_3 – Individual Skills Development And Training – Individual life skills development and training including public transport training and support, developing skills for community, social and recreational participation.


Improved Relationships

  • 11_024_0117_7_3 – Individual Social Skills Development – Social skills development with an individual, for participation in community and social activities.