We understand that your journey on the NDIS can be complicated, whether you are in the midst of working out how to apply for the scheme, navigating your first plan, or even your fourth plan. It doesn’t automatically get easier, but unfortunately the NDIA do not seem to understand this.

We decided to open a service to help people understand the scheme, help them access the scheme, and provide support understanding NDIS plans when there is no support coordination budget.

We can support you in many different areas <3

NDIS Access Support

Accessing the NDIS can be overwhelming. Knowing what you need, getting all your information together and completing the application can take time and energy. We can help you to understand the NDIS, and support you apply to access the NDIS.

By working with you and your support network, we can:

  • Support you to determine whether you are eligible to apply for the NDIS. We can work with you and your support network.
  • Call the NDIS with you to make an access request.
  • Support you to collect all the information you need to support the diagnosis of your disability that the NDIS will require.
  • Prepare you for your first NDIS Planning Meeting.


NDIS Navigation

You have been given your plan, now what?

If you are one of the many people that has been given a plan, or support someone who has, but no help to understand it, you are not alone. We can work with you to help you understand your plan, and connect you with your community and local services. We will help you to understand and establish service agreements with your providers, help you with budgeting and funding projections and answer any question you have about the NDIS!



Is your plan not meeting your needs?

For some unknown reason, the NDIA don’t really seem to understand that circumstances change, and many budgets do not have adequate funds to allow for a change in your life that means supports have to increase. So you have to submit all sorts of forms, and then wait a very long time for something to happen.

We can help you by supporting you to complete all the necessary paperwork and collect any documentation, help you submit this to the NDIS and follow this up. We can also link you to a Disability Advocacy service that can help you.


Review Meetings

It’s that time of year again!

Review meetings can be extremely anxiety provoking, especially with the worry that you will have to yet again battle for the necessary funding to support you in your everyday life. We can help you prepare for you review meeting by:

  • Brainstorming with you, your goals for the next year and link this to the necessary funding required,
  • Collect any documentation required for your planning meeting,
  • Attend your planning meeting with you,
  • Link you to Disability Advocacy for an advocate to attend your meeting with you,
  • Follow up with the NDIA regarding the plan build and approval.

Check out our tips here for preparing for your planning meeting.

You can also check out our list of NDIS helpful resources here.


If this support sounds like something that you might need, you can reach out to us via the following ways:

Complete our booking form and our Emily B will be in contact with you.

Phone us on 1300 222 767

Email: ndissupport@createasenseofplace.com.au

Please note, this is a fee for service until we can hopefully access funding to support this service.
We will discuss fees with each person individually. You may be able to use some of your funds if you are self managing to access our services.

Fee for Service

Are you self managing or plan managing any of your budgets in your NDIS plan? You can use ANY of our services, even if you the category is not in your plan!

Get in touch for an individualised quote!