5 Strengths of a Great Support Coordinator

Are you looking for a Support Coordinator but unsure of what to expect? At Create A Sense of Place, we asked the people we support, what makes a good Support Coordinator and here’s our 5 tips!

  • They have a wide network of people around them that have diverse skills and specialist knowledge – They understand and accept that they don’t have to know everything, collaboration is the key!
  • They work WITH you, not without you.
  • They think outside the box to support you to get the best out of your plan.
  • They work with you to prepare for your plan review, this can be such a stressful and anxiety provoking time! Having a good coordinator can really alleviate some of the worry and take the pressure off you.
  • They understand the NDIS/NDIA and their processes (as much as one can :-P) and keep up to date with the ever changing system!

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